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martes, 25 de enero de 2011

ESL Field Trip to Pattaya - Viaje con ESL a Pattaya

Estas son fotos del viaje que hicimos el finde del 5 de diciembre, con ESL.
These are pics from the Pattaya trip we had with ESL on the weekend of 5th December.

El de remera negra tiene mi sonrisa favorita... Decime si no se te ilumino el dia?
The guy with the black t-shirt has my favourite smile. Just brightens my day!

2 comentarios:

jc dijo...

That looks like fun!

Marlise dijo...

Julie, the last thing I wanted on a long weekend was to go on a trip with a bunch of students to babysit and a schedule to follow. I was totally depleted, emotionally, physically, mentally... But I loved watching them enjoy the banana boats!They had great fun.