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domingo, 17 de octubre de 2010

Funny Signs

This one made my day... I saw it in the entrance of the girls' dorm. I don't really know who "corrected" it, but this is a language point I'd tried to drum into my class (using this same formula to remind them of it). SOMEBODY got it!

From PakChong (about 30 minutes' drive from here).

Ok, so I was doubting whether to include this one... It was actually INSIDE a toilet! (An organic toilet).

Este cartel estaba adentro de un banio - uno de esos organicos... (!!!)

Best exam answers

In a second-language environment, you often have fun reading exam answers. I especially enjoyed these, since, despite the funny word mix-ups, it showed that the students actually knew what they were writing about!

(frontal loop vs. frontal lobe)

Music can create a reverence hemisphere ("reverent atmosphere").

I thought drawing the instruments was a great idea!

Newborn kitties - Gatitos

La gata de nuestros vecinos acaba de tener gatitos! (Bueno, hace poco mas de una semana...). Tuvo dos. Preciosos, no?

Our neighbours' cat had two kitties about a week ago. Aren't they cute?

That bigger cat is not the mom - he's the kittens' older brother.
El gato mas grande no es la mama sino el hermano mayor de los chiquititos.

This is the mother...
Esta es la madre...

Toda la familia junta!

One big happy family.