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viernes, 23 de abril de 2010

Funny Student Writing

Enseniar en un ambiente donde la lengua es un segundo idioma, tiene sus encantos. Dejare que estas imagenes hablen por si mismas:

Teaching in an ESL context has its charm. I'll let the following pics speak for themselves:

In case you can't read it properly:

"Motorbike for sale: If you are interesting! Come and try it on!!"

This had been written on the whiteboard one day when I reached the classroom. :-)

They had to see who could write a sentence using as many /I/ sound words as they could. This one won...

New solution if you happen to forget what the date is!
(BTW, if you're wondering why on earth an Advanced class needs to review "do" and "be" auxiliaries, don't worry - I wonder that myself!)

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Titi dijo...

There's not much I can add... Those photos made my day. ;-)